Research article
Issue: № 7 (27), 2022


The detection of polyphene candidate gene variants affecting a variety of traits is of paramount importance for increasing milk productivity without harming reproductive ability. In dairy cattle, the OPN gene has been identified as a positional candidate gene for many QTL (quantitative trait locus). The work was aimed at studying the polymorphism (c.8514C > T) of the OPN – Bsel I gene by PCR-RELP in the population of Holstein cattle of the Republic of Tatarstan, the genetic balance and structure of the population were evaluated. During DNA diagnostics of 258 cows, alleles C (0.432) and T (0.568) and genotypes CC (14.3%), CT (57.8%) and TT (27.9%) were detected, which indicates polymorphism with a high level of genetic biodiversity. The variability between the observed and expected genotype distribution was 8.06. Chi-square testing method has established that the genetic balance in the studied population is not distorted. It was found that, depending on the habitat and breed, the frequency of occurrence of alleles and genotypes of the OPN gene varies. Since the OPN gene was previously associated with embryonic development, pregnancy course, multiple births, as well as milk productivity and milk quality, the inclusion of DNA diagnostics in the breeding process will help to stabilize milk productivity without harming the reproductive ability of dairy cows.

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