Research article
Issue: № 4 (12), 2019


The potential of using molecular genetic methods in the prevention of infectious diseases by fast and accurate identifying the pathogen are described. The problem of bacteria tracking is solved by genotyping a microorganism, in which the genetic profile of bacterial isolates are compared. Another important area of genotyping application in animal husbandry is the identification of genes that determine antibiotic resistance. The developed method of genotyping allows us to identify the routes of pathogenic E.coli strains transmission in chickens in the environmental settings. The method can be recommended to address the issues of epidemiology and epizootology, genetic certification of bacterial strains. The proposed method is universal in nature, as it can be adapted to almost any microorganism. In this case, it is necessary to select a pair of restriction enzymes that would be compatible in one reaction buffer and ensure the detection of a small number of DNA fragments on the filter.

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