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Issue: № 4 (12), 2019


For the first time, lactogenic action of parenteral administration of the extract from the pituitary gland was detected in Russia (Azimov, Krouze, 1937). However, stimulation of milk production with the help of growth hormone injections is associated with a number of shortcomings. The aim of this work was to study the effects of oral administration of genetically engineered recombinant strain of Lactobacillus sp. 8 RAZ (pLF-SL2), Reg. No. В-7495, expressing synthesis of growth hormone releasing factor (GH-RF) in digestive tract, to enhance the milk production in ruminants. In the experiment I, conducted on goats, the recombinant preparation was given as feed additive to 5 goats on the 3rd month of lactation daily for 6 weeks at a dose of 25×109 CFU per day, 5 goats served as control. In experiment II, a recombinant preparation was given to 8 cows at 4-5 months of lactation at a dose of 26×109 CFU per day for 2 months (group 1), the original non-recombinant strain was given to 8 cows at the same dose (group 2), 8 cows fed basic diet served as control. Experiment III was carried out on three groups of cows at the 3-4th month of lactation, 10 cows each. The cows of group 1 were fed a recombinant probiotic daily at a dose of 200×109 CFU per day, and group 2 at a dose of 1000×109 CFU daily. The control group of cows received only the basic diet. In all experiments, the recombinant preparation stimulated milk production and increased the conversion of feed into milk components after three-week lag period. In goats of experimental group, the daily milk yield (DMY) during the last 2-3 weeks was higher by 23.5% (P<0.05) than in control group. In experiment II, during the last 5 weeks, DMY in group 1 was more by 10% (P<0.05) compared to group 2 and by 8.1% (P<0.05) compared to group 3. In experiment III, DMY in groups 1 and 2 was higher by 6.3 and 13.2% (P<0.05), respectively, in comparison with control. The data obtained show that the use of recombinant strains of lactic acid bacteria expressing GH-RF may be an alternative to the use of injections of growth hormone in order to increase the milk productivity and quality of milk in ruminants.

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