Research article
Issue: № 1 (21), 2022


In recent years, there has been a growing interest in the use of genetic methods to create more disease–resistant livestock. Because of its important role in the immune system, in such studies, the toll–like receptor 4 (TLR4) gene is one of the promising genes. The article focuses on studying the polymorphism (c.9421C > T) of the TLR4 – Alu I gene by PCR–RLFP in the population of Holstein cattle in the Republic of Tatarstan. During DNA diagnostics of 390 cows, alleles A (0.451) and B (0.549) and genotypes AA (19.5%), AB (51.3%) and BB (29.2%) were identified. Milk yield for the first standard lactation (p 0.01), the content of milk fat (p 0.05) and protein (p 0.01), as well as dry matter (p 0.01) in milk was statistically significantly higher in first–calf cows with the AA genotype of the TLR4 gene. In cows with the AA genotype, the number of somatic cells, with a statistical difference (p 0.001), was more than 50.0% lower than this indicator in animals with the BB genotype. The calculation of the economic efficiency of milk production from cows with different genotypes of the TLR4 gene showed that with the same financial costs, profit, and profitability are significantly higher from livestock with the AA genotype.

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