Research article
Issue: № 1 (21), 2022


This article presents the results of assessing the main growth parameters of Scots pine crops planting in the European North of Russia. Considering biological growth, three key phases of growth and development for Scots pine forest crops of the European North of Russia have been identified and described. Time limits of the phases of growth and development of pine crops were determined. Taking into account the dynamics of change in diameter helped in the analysis of Scots pine crops. On the basis of the analysis, systems of equations were obtained for each phase of growth and development of Scots pine crops, and the resulting graphs of functions made it possible to visually assess the change in parameters with age. It was established that the differentiation of crops according to the growth and development phases must be carried out in terms of height and diameter. The results obtained complement the existing database on the biological growth of Scots pine crops for the European North of Russia and can be used in the organization of forest monitoring and implementation of environmental programs at the regional level.

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