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T.S. Romanets
F.S Bakoev
N.G. Dupliy


Limb defects in pigs have a significant genetic basis, and the identification of genes that cause predisposition to diseases can help improve the efficiency of breeding work. In this work, the prospects of using the ROBO2 gene as a candidate gene associated with the presence of bumps on the hind limbs of pigs (ZNSH) were studied. The connection of the genotypes of the ROBO2 gene with the level of average daily growth and fodder conversion in Duroc pigs was established, the most successful variants are animals with heterozygous GA genotype. The lowest level of average daily growth was found in pigs with the GG genotype, which was also associated with the presence of terminal bumps on the hind limbs. Reliable varieties found with ROBO2 gene genotypes have not been established according to the opportunistic feed version.


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Animal husbandry


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