Terms and conditions

1. The terminology used.

1.1. The terms used in the present text, are used in the following meaning:

Author is a physical person who created the article.

Customer is the author of the article, or the third party providing the article in agreement with the author.

Journal is periodic printed and online journal.

Licensor is the author of the article.

Licensee is the publisher.

Offer is present public offer to the placing of printed materials.

Publication is publishing of printed or electronic materials on the publisher's media.

The Editorial Board is the board of editors responsible for peer review process.

Article (work) is the text material submitted for publication in the journal.

Service is placement (publication) of the article in the journal.

2. The subject of the offer.

2.1. Customer sends an article for placement in the journal in accordance with the requirements specified on the website of the publisher.

2.2. The publisher provides customer with services related to the publication of the article: takes the decision on acceptance of the article for publication, publishes the article in the journal and sends a copy to customer.

3. Rights and responsibilities.

3.1. Customer shall be entitled to send a claim about the quality of services within 40 (forty) calendar days starting the date of publication.

3.2 The editors are not responsible for any discrepancy in the result browser compatibility problems (inconsistencies when viewing the article in different applications).

3.3. The Editorial Board is obliged to:

3.3.1. publish the article in the online and printed versions of the journal after the publication fee is received.

3.3.2. send the issue (or part of it, in case if the number of the Publication consists of several parts) containing the published article to the author, within 14 (fourteen) working days from the date of release from commercial printing.

3.4. The Editorial Board has the right to:

3.4.1. perform a technical editing of the article, not changing its fundamental provisions.

3.4.2. review the article and propose to the author to make the necessary changes without which the article can not be published.

3.4.3. refuse publishing of the article, if it does not correspond to the categories specified in the journal, or does not contain any novelty, either there is no theoretical or practical significance, or the material presented is insufficient to publish, or preparation of the manuscript does not meet the requirements for registration, or the article may not be published in connection with the prohibition on publication of information, established by normative legal acts of the Russian Federation, and also in case of Customer's breach of obligations under this Offer.

3.4.4. determine the circulation of the journal in which the article will be published, as well as to print such copies to the extent necessary for the Editorial Board.

3.4.5. post articles that are published in the journal, on the Internet, including translation into other languages.

4. Licensed relationship.

4.1. The licensor grants to licensee the right to use the Work based on a non-exclusive license in due to Offer free of charge.

4.2. The licensor warrants that it holds the exclusive copyright on being transferred to Licensee.

4.3. If the customer is not directly the author of the article, he (the customer) ensures that the author is notified about the terms of the license relationship under this Offer and agrees to these terms.

4.4. The licensor grants the Licensee the following rights:

the right to reproduce the Work (publication, disclosure, duplication, copying or other reproduction of a work) without limitation of the circulation of copies. With each copy of the work must contain the name of the author;

the right to distribute the Work by any means;

eligibility for inclusion in the composite work;

right of making available to the public;

the right to use the metadata (title, name of author (the copyright holder), abstracts, bibliographic materials, etc.) Works by disseminating and making available to the public, processing and systematization, as well as inclusion in various databases and information systems.

right to assign on the contract partially or completely received under this agreement the rights to third parties without payment to Licensor.

4.5. The licensor transfers the rights to licensee under this Offer on the basis of non-exclusive licenses.

4.6. Date of confirmation of an acceptance of this Offer and its conditions is the time of transfer to the licensee the rights set forth in this Offer.

4.7. The land on which the rights may be used on the works shall be unlimited.

4.8. Licensor also grants to licensee the right to store and process the following personal data without time limits:

surname, name, patronymic;

date of birth;

information on education;

information on place of work and position;

information about the availability of published works of literature, science and art.

Personal data are provided for storage and handling in different databases and information systems, incorporating them into analytical and statistical reports, create sound relationships of objects of works of science, literature and art with personal data, etc.

The licensee has the right to transfer the data for processing and storage to third parties, provided notice of such fact with the provision of information about the third party (name and address) to the Licensor.

5. Payment and payment procedure.

5.1. Payment is made by the customer as full down payment by transferring the necessary amount of publication fee based on the calculation or Invoice to the account of the publisher.

5.2. Publishing of the article shall be made in accordance with the Customer's confirmation of payment of the publication fee (bank transfer to publisher account).

6. Other terms and conditions.

6.1. Acceptance of this public Offer by the  customer is carried out by sending the Article to the publisher.

6.2. Confirmation of acceptance of this offer and its terms recognizes the fact of sending the article by the customer via the form on the web site and binding acceptance of the Offer.

6.3. The conditions of this Offer are subject to change by the publisher in its sole discretion. New conditions of the offer may not be applied to the relationship between the Editorial Board and the customer, if the acceptance and confirmation of the acceptance of this Offer by the Customer has occurred prior to the change by Publishing the terms of this Offer.

6.4. The customer assures the publisher that published articles will not infringe or violate anyone's copyright or property rights transferred by the author under the author's contract in relation to the article being published and, it contains all required by regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation references to the cited authors and publications, and links to the findings used and results obtained by other authors and / or organizations.

6.6. The publisher and Editorial Board are not responsible for the contents of published articles.

6.6. The customer is warned by the Publisher and Editorial board that the latter do not carry out any protection of the rights of the author in relation to the published material in the field of intellectual activity.

6.7. If the customer will cause any loss to the publisher within the framework of relations based on this Offer, the publisher shall be entitled, in case of fault of the customer to claim the reimbursement of the damages.

6.8. The Editorial Board performs the obligation specified in clause 3.3.2. of this Offer by sending the journal by post to the address specified by the customer in the application form. The editorial Board is not responsible for the operation of organizations providing postal services, and will not accept any claims regarding their activities related to the delivery of the publication.

6.9. The act of acceptance of services must be signed by the customer within 40 (forty) calendar days starting the date publishing. If the customer signed the act of acceptance of services and does not put forward any claims regarding the quality of services rendered within 40 (forty) calendar days from the date of publishing, service will be completed in full, and the customer has not any claims.

6.10. The relationship between the author and the customer who is not the author of the article itself, associated with ordering services in respect of such article, are subject to regulation between them independently, without participation of the publisher.

6.11. Penalties for non-performance or improper performance of the terms of this Offer shall apply in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

6.12. All disputes arising during the execution of the terms of this Offer, should provisionally be considered by the Publishing house and the Customer to develop a mutually acceptable solution. The dispute between the Editorial Board and the Customer is reflected in the direction of a written complaint. The deadline for the claim and answer shall be equal to 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date of receipt by the destination. If the result of compliance with the complaint procedure by the disputes will not be found, disputes and differences shall be settled in court at the location of the Editorial office in accordance with current legislation.

6.13. The place of conclusion of the Contract is the domicile of the publisher.

6.15. By submitting the manuscript author agrees with the journal policies, peer-reviewing and publication ethics and publication malpractice statement.

6.16. In all cases not provided in this Offer, the parties will be guided by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.