Research article
Issue: № 6 (26), 2022


The purpose of the scientific research is an experimental substantiation of the technology of achloride bread with the addition of hemp fiber and dry spices. Hemp fiber contains more than 50% dietary fiber, 17% protein. A mixture of dry spices (basil, ginger, rosemary – 3% by weight of flour), hemp fiber in an amount of 8% were added to the experimental samples. Bread samples showed a characteristic taste and aroma, increased elasticity and porosity of the crumb. The introduction of hemp fiber caused an increase in humidity and acidity of finished products, positively affected porosity, shape stability and specific volume. The addition of hemp fiber increased the content of protein, fats, dietary fiber, B vitamins, macroelements. The introduction of spices and hemp fiber into the formulation of achloride bread increased the antiradical activity by 43–57% in the bread crumb, by 41–73% in the crust.

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