Research article
Issue: № 5 (25), 2022


Microbial communities of soils carry out the most important ecosystem processes of the cycle of biogenic elements, which causes an ever-growing interest in the study of their activity and diversity. One of these processes is nitrification, as a result of which plants receive nitrogen in an accessible form. In laboratory experiments with soil microcosms of sod-podzolic agrosoil, the stimulating effect of lanthanum on the nitrification process was established. The addition of lanthanum salt stimulated the potential nitrifying activity, and after 19–24 days the nitrate nitrogen content was 24–30% higher compared to the lanthanum-free variant. For the first time, using high throughput 16S rRNA sequencing, it was found that the introduction of lanthanum salts reduces the taxonomic diversity of the bacterial community of the soil and leads to significant changes in its structure. A decrease in the relative content of gram-positive bacteria of Actinobacteria and Firmicutes was noted in the microbial community of soils, while the proportion of Proteobacteria increased. The results obtained require further studies of the mechanisms of the influence of lanthanum on the microbial processes of ammonium oxidation in the soil and ways of their regulation. The data can be used to determine effective and safe doses of ammonium fertilizers and lanthanum-containing micronutrients in the conduct of modern environmentally oriented agriculture in central Russia.

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