Research article
Issue: № 2 (30), 2023


The article discusses the sorption of microorganisms on a carbon sorbent. The study of samples of recycled and purified waters was carried out using a luminometer and a turbidometer-nephelometer. Microorganisms immobilized in the pores were studied using light and electronic optics. With the help of bioinformatic interpretation, the sorption interaction of some types of microorganisms divided by size factor into blue-green algae and protozoa, bacteria and viruses with a solitary pore system consisting of three types of subsystems: macro-, meso- and micropores is modeled. Initially, for a theoretical description of the reduced system, an oriented graph was constructed using network theory. In the future, with the help of generating and exponential functions, a method for classifying microorganisms in accordance with the size factor is given, and the question of describing the number of ways of placing microorganisms in the presented pore system is considered, on which, ultimately, the total sorption depends. And since the latter is a reversible equilibrium phenomenon, in conclusion, the reverse process is also predicted – desorption, calculated using the Bayes theorem, often used in bioinformatics.

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