Research article
Issue: № 2 (22), 2022


The study of influence of different concentrations of gibberellic acid on growth of Isochrysis galbana in enrichment culture has been conducted. The growth of algae biomass was found by increasing the number of cells calculated in each experiment in three hemocytometers under a light microscope. The duration of the experiment was 8 days. Concentrations of gibberellic acid of 0.39 × 10-8 and 0.79 10-8mmol/lt were found to have a stimulating effect on cell growth dynamics of I. galbana, compared to the control group. The maximum cell growth in the culture was observed when gibberellic acid was added to concentrations of 0.39 ×10-8 mmoll/lt and was 721%. Biochemical indicators of algae culture of I. galbana were evaluated, with the addition of gibberellic acid in concentrations of 0.39 ×10-8 mml during 8 days of the experiment in comparison with the control group. Compared to the control group, an increase in the amount of protein, lipids, carbohydrates and chlorophyll in the culture of algae was established with the addition of gibberellic acid at a concentration of 0.39 ×10-8 mml at the time of the experiment.

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