Research article
Issue: № 1 (21), 2022


Due to the fact that the Republic of Tyva is agrarian, animal husbandry is mainly developed, the agriculture has a short history. Studies on the self–restoration of abandoned arable lands were carried out at 5 key sites. It is revealed that self–restoration of abandoned agricultural lands after plowing proceeds naturally and deterministically. In the conditions of the sharp continentality of the climate of Tuva, with a lack of water at the I – initial stage of succession (0–4 years), weeds dominate in the plant cover of key sites. At the II – intermediate stage of succession (4–7 years), an absolute predominance of weeds is observed in the vegetation cover in all the key areas studied, but also the emergence of dominants of the native steppes. At the III – intermediate stage of succession (7–11 years) in all the studied key sites, the types of indigenous steppes become dominant. At the VI – late stage (11–25 years), terminal communities with typical combinations of species for each subtype of the steppe develop in the vegetation cover.

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