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Evgeniy Stovba
R.B. Gabdulkhakov
A.V. Stovba
N.G. Meshkova
N.E. Kolonskikh


The article updates the role and the importance of natural resource potential as the factor of ensuring regional food security in modern conditions of digital economy development. It is indicated that the development of “smart” agriculture aims to form productive agri-food systems characterized by high adaptability to the ongoing climate change, which leads to an increase in the level of food security at the national level. Detailed characteristics of the climatic conditions of the Republic of Bashkortostan at the zonal level is presented. The actual agricultural specialization and combination of crop and livestock sectors of agro-organizations is established taking into account the differentiation of natural resource and soil-climatic conditions and is caused by regional differences. The volume of ecological and economic damage from the loss of soil fertility as a result of agricultural production is calculated on a regional scale. It is summarized that the continued accelerated soil fertility “deterioration” can lead to a significant decrease in the volume of agri-food production in the Republic of Bashkortostan.


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Economy agribusiness and agriculture, rural sociology


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