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Natalia Ilyukhina
Natalya Parushina
Svetlana Deminova
Natalya Sopova


The project "Healthy Nutrition" is part of the federal program "Strengthening public Health" of the national project "Demography". The goal of the national project "Demography" is to increase the expected duration of a healthy life, reduce the mortality rate of the population and increase the total birth rate. This is a top-level program, on the basis of which all state bodies and structures of our country work from 2019 to 2024. Also, one of the main goals of this national project is to increase the share of citizens who lead a healthy lifestyle, and, consequently, fully pay attention to healthy nutrition. The key socio-economic instruments in the implementation of the state program are budget-tax and credit-monetary. This article analyzes what kind of socio-economic mechanisms are implemented in the Orel region.


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Human Nutrition


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